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Purpose of an injury consultation

An effective injury consultation will have you return to your sport as fast as possible. Getting an accurate assessment means you will be doing the right exercises and stretches from day one. Correct injury management early in the recovery process has long lasting benefits, meaning we reduce excess tissue damage. Reducing the time spent in the early stages of healing.

Getting you back to your sport faster.

Injury Assessment of ankle joint

Why resting alone isn’t enough

Leaving an injury to get better with rest alone can prolong recovery time by keeping it in the early stage of healing. Remaining in the early stage of healing will prevent the swelling from going down and reduce your strength and co-ordination which increases the risk of further injury. Not only will this prolong the injury, but with continued swelling comes hypoxia: a lack of oxygen.

A reduction in oxygen increases the number of cells that die in the area known as necrosis. Meaning that the longer the early stage goes on for, the larger the area of cell death and effectively the injured site. With an increased injured area, the recovery time will increase too, taking you longer to return to the sport you love! So, what may have started as a small injury can grow into a more significant one because you were stuck in the early stage of healing.

 Pain relief

In some curcumstances the first session may focus entirely on pain management. While painkillers exist you don’t want to rely on them. In most cases however it will be used as an aid to allow you to perform the rehab exercises. Meaning some hands on mobilisation and sports massage may be used during the first visit. This will desensitise the area and help to reduce any muscle spasms that may be present causing excess pain.

Outcome of an injury consultation

An injury consultation will tell you what the injury is and what you need to do to progress through the stages of healing, as well as reduce the risk of injury in the future. The goal of a consultation isn’t to fix the injury but to start the rehabilitation process. The process will vary depending on your injury and your goal. For example, a shoulder injury for a runner and a shoulder injury for a golfer are quite different. They will also have very different requirements to be competition fit. This for me is the most important part of rehabilitation, getting you back to where/what you want to be.

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