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Activate Uses Medical Acupuncture Joint Mobilisations PNF Stretching MET Stretching Exercises Electrotherapy

This is a very brief overview of the techniques I have in my aresenal to help you get through/over your training/injury. It’s important to know that this list is not and cannot be exhaustive as each topic is an entire area of research and education by itself. I think it’s important that you know as much as possible about the way I work before deciding that I am the therapist that is the best one for you!

The main aim of medical acupuncture is to reduce localised muscle pain through dry needling myofasical trigger points. The primary response is the reduction in muscle tension as the trigger point relaxes. Secondary to this is the neurophysiological and pyschological response. In short, the area is less sensitive and so we produce less pain and simultaneously the brain releases dopamine which blocks part of the pain stimulus as well.

  • Relax myofascial trigger points
  • Release of dopamine
  • reduce area sensitivity

Outcome = less pain

The main aim of joint mobilisations depends on the specific case, however the two main parts to mobilisations are; to reduce pain and to increase range of motion. Injuries tend to come with both of these problems, an increase in pain and loss or reduction in range of motion.

Through mobilisations, of which there are many techniques and theories to draw upon, the aim is to help re-establish good joint health, increase mobility and put you in a positive state in which to do corrective exercises.

  • Increase range of motion
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase joint health

Outcome = Less pain & more movement

There are many uses for electrotherapy however my main reason for this technique is the increase of local muscle activity to help recruit muscles when performing rehabilitation exercises. This is highly useful when there is a significant reduction in muscle tone or ability to contract. This increase in electrical stimulation helps with feedback when performing exercises.

It is also highly useful in the early stage of rehabilitation to maintain some muscle bulk, contraction strength and promote the removal of waste through the lymphatic system.

Outcome = Increased neurological stimulation & contraction strength & lymphatic drainage

Taping and strapping is primarily used to limit range of motion. Commonly on smaller joints such as the wrist or thumb to allow the tendons and muscles more time to heal with less load going through them.

I use a variety of tapes to achieve the desired restriction.

Exercises are crucial to recovering from inury and preventing them in the future. Correct exercise directs the healing and strengthens the injured tissues back to where we need them to be. Differnt sports require different strength, endurance and power and all this is taken into account when planning rehab.

Recovering the range of motion is important to allowing the injury to heal and preparing you for the return to your sport. This is one of the first things we will do to increase joint health before moving on to strength and other factors necessary for return to sport.

I use a variety of the following stretching techniques as each has their own strengths;

  • Static stretching
  • Dynamic stretching
  • PNG stretching
  • MET