Activate Sports Therapy
Keeping you active


Who We Are

Standing Since February 2018

Activate Sports Therapy LTD has opened a new sports therapy clinic on Washway Road in Sale. We offer Injury assessment, Medical Acupuncture, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage to keep everyone playing their sport for as long as possible.

I believe that through regular appointments, like when you go to see your dentist, we can prevent little problems getting much worse. More importantly, with regular sessions we can help optimise the results you get from training, keep you feeling fit and energetic when playing, and reducing the risk of you getting injured.

We know that most people discover us when they are injured and we do our best to get you back playing, but we don’t stop there. We do our best to keep you there when we do. The greatest challenge you will face is not the rehab. The greatest challenge you will face is not getting
injured again once you return to your sport!

This is something I believe in passionately for 2 reasons. Firstly, I have been there, I was injured and never want to be unable to play my sport
again. Secondly, I know it’s possible. I have helped people get over injuries and chronic pain they have had for over 10 years, suffering in silence.

The techniques I use to help people include, but are not limited to; sports massage, medical acupuncture, joint mobilisations, stretching, cryotherapy, thermal therapy and exercise rehabilitation. We have so many at our disposal that if you dislike one approach, or we do not see the
change we are expecting, we can try something else. Until we exhaust all techniques and see no change (since opening this has never happened!) we believe you can get better no matter how dire you think your condition is.

My Mission

Simply put, I want to keep people active for as long as possible.

To you it may be playing sport, running or hiking. It could also be walking, doing the gardening or being able to walk to the shops and carry the bags home!

Extraordinary Experiences

I pride myself on putting you first. I want your experience with sports therapy to be the best possible. Some notable examples, found in my reviews alone are:

  • 14 years of foot pain, 5 surgeries and still had pain in the foot. Following treatment got back to running at full pace pain free!

  •  Acute knee pain resolved quickly, a day or two after the pain arose to prevent anything chronic developing.

My Core Values

I value helping people more than anything else.